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Family Groove Company Live at Whippersnap Music and Arts Festival on 2012-07-21

Tutear > Ready Fire Aim > Untitled > The Unlimited Space Around Us > She Might Get Warm > Banter > Debra [1] [2] > Through With Tomorrow

[1] with Joe Day from Old Shoe on Vocals
[2] with Lucas Ellman from Indigo Sun on Sax

Collection FamilyGrooveCompany
Band/Artist Family Groove Company
Venue Whippersnap Music and Arts Festival
Location Rockford, IL

Source Zoom H4n 24/48 (internal mics)
Lineage Zoom H4n USB Transfer > MAC > Logic Pro 9 > Audacity > WAV > FLAC
Taped by Matthew Gecan
Transferred by Matthew Gecan


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